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Trapping is a common service provided by Precision for the humane removal of nuisance wildlife. Trapping services are normally the first step in solving a nuisance animal problem and proper repairs are normally required to keep wildlife out of the area they invaded. Being that every nuisance wildlife situation is different we offer different trapping plans and decide the most suitable for each situation. 

One of the most common squirrel removal services we provide is for squirrels in the attic. During certain times of the year, squirrels will enter homes and attics through existing holes or they will chew their way through weakened areas of roofs, vents, and soffits to gain access to a warm safe attic. Once inside, squirrels can cause significant damage. 

Some of the most common forms of squirrel damage associated with squirrel infestation are:

  • Damaged and shredded insulation.

  • Feces and urine deposits.

  • Stains in ceilings from squirrel urine.

  • Strong odor from urine-soaked insulation.

The biggest danger associated with having squirrels in your attic is a fire hazard. Squirrels are destructive by nature and like all rodents, they chew on electrical wiring. By chewing on wires they strip the plastic coating, which exposes the bare copper wire and creates a very dangerous situation. 

This can all be avoided by having the squirrels removed from your attic and squirrel-proofing your house to make sure they don't return. 

Here are an example of a few of our Squirrel removal cases: 

Boston Squirrel Removal

This multi-family home in Brighton, MA had a family of gray squirrels living in the eves and ceiling voids. As you can see the rooflines on this particular structure are very high but that didn't stop us from removing these squirrels. We installed one-way doors at two areas of entry and exit, as well as set multiple traps for the capture of the squirrels using this building as their dwelling. Within two days we had trapped all six squirrels living in this building and sealed the entryways to prevent further infestations. 

East Bridgewater Flying Squirrel Removal

This homeowner in East Bridgewater, MA thought he had a major mouse infestation due to all the droppings and contaminated insulation. Upon our initial inspection, we determined that they were not mice droppings but flying squirrel droppings. The massive amounts of droppings and urine-soaked insulation made it clear these flyers had been there longer than the new owners of this home. We promptly installed one-way traps for the flyers to enter and sealed all conjoining rooflines and vulnerable vents. We caught eighteen flyers in one day and carefully monitored the activity for a few days only to find we successfully removed the entire population on the first day. We also provided this customer with attic clean-out and restoration services. 

Image by Simone Mascellari 🇮🇹
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