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A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Precision Wildlife is committed to
customer satisfaction and has been providing quality workmanship along with effective solutions
since 2002. Our point-of-entry repairs and exclusion techniques are second to none, which is why
we back all of our work with a written guarantee.


Our roof exclusion warranty covers all roof lines, soffits, drip edges, ridges, vents, trim, roof corners,
r a specific repair area as written on your contract. It will be specific to the target animal removed
or any animals as noted. Our exclusion work often lasts much longer than the warranty period

however we do suggest that your home/gutters be regularly maintained to ensure the highest percentage
of effectiveness. We offer regular maintenance visits to you after the warranty expires for peace of mind if you so choose.


Ask your wildlife professional how we can help protect your home indefinitely!


Your foundation warranty will cover grade to sill areas accessible to the target animal(s) noted
in the terms of the prevention plan. Most foundation sealing work will carry up to a one-year warranty. We do offer regular maintenance visits after your warranty has expired.

Contact your wildlife professional to see how we can protect your foundation from wildlife!


All chimney cap products will carry a lifetime warranty as specified in the manufacturers' paperwork. Each cap is installed to meet their warranty requirements as well as the required building codes which ensure proper ventilation.

Be sure to ask your wildlife professional how we can protect your brick-and-mortar!


Trench prevention services for all ground wildlife will be 2 -5 years and specific to the target animal(s) removed or identified for prevention. Trench prevention will need little to no maintenance after the warranty period has expired.


Bird netting and hardware installed will carry a 1 to 5-year warranty as specified for the target bird type.
Bird netting will need little to no maintenance after the warranty period expires. Home exclusion work
for birds see roof exclusion warranty.

Bird netting and any hardware installed with it will carry a 1-5-year warranty as specified for the target
bird type(s). Bird netting and hardware will need little to no maintenance after the warranty period expires.


When you call Precision Wildlife Services for a nuisance wildlife problem that may require trapping we will diagnose your wildlife problem, communicate a service plan that best fits your particular needs, and execute that plan completely and to the best of our ability.

Although it does not happen often, should we not catch our target animal and it proves to still be present via wildlife monitoring methods, we will continue our trapping plan with no additional fees as specified within your wildlife proposal.

Warranties may be void if the areas have been determined to be in disrepair due to lack of maintenance, the areas of repair have been disturbed by an entity other than Precision Wildlife or there is new chewing/damage by a non-target animal.

Should you have any repairs or maintenance services done on your home or there are areas you believe our wildlife prevention solutions were compromised - please contact us. We would be happy to return and inspect your situation at a reduced charge. If additional work is deemed necessary to ensure wildlife prevention, fees may apply.



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