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“ I highly recommend Precision Wildlife! They were extremely courteous, very affordable and arrived at the house the day after I phoned them! I will use them again in the future if I have any more problems. ”

Nuala, Randolph, MA

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- April 11, 2013 -

Raccoons are preparing…

It’s a wild world! As we all look forward to longer days and warmer weather, it is important that we also keep an eye on our homes for uninvited guests! This is…

- March 20, 2013 -

First day of Spring!

Hello Spring!  A few little facts. 1. Animals will begin coming out of hibernation. We are not the only ones who enjoy the warmer & longer days! Squirrels…

- March 06, 2013 -

Osterville seagull removal

 Precision Wildlife received a call Monday from our customer in Osterville MA. They feared there was a squirrel stuck in the chimney, they had…

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4 reasons why you should choose Precision Wildlife Services

  1. We are experienced wildlife professionals

    We have been operating since 2002 and all of our technicians are properly licensed, trained and, most importantly, experienced with all types of nuisance wildlife problems. 

    We will fully inspect your attic, crawl spaces, roof lines and anywhere else a critter may take refuge in your home, business or on your property. Once this is complete we will inform you of any issues found and provide you with a written proposal to best resolve your wildlife situation.

  2.  We practice humane wildlife removal  

     Our technicians take great care in the welfare of all nuisance wildlife by practicing  the “Green Wildlife Control” approach. This approach to animal removal means we never use chemicals or poisons to prevent nuisance animals. 

    There needs to be a balance between wildlife, people and property. We will resolve all of your nuisance animal issues while exceeding the states wildlife control guidelines.

  3. We have proven wildlife solutions  

    We have taken effective long term wildlife solutions to a whole new level! Precision Wildlife combines quality repairs with long term wildlife exclusion methods. 

    These save you time and money while keeping your investment and family safe from wildlife. This combination is something critters everywhere should be afraid of! 

  4. 24-hour emergency service

    Precision Wildlife Services offers 24 hour bat and nuisance wildlife removal to South Shore Massachusetts.

    Call 508-802-7672.

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