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Chimney Caps

Precision Wildlife offers professional chimney cap installation including custom caps designed for multiple flues and standard caps to fit single flues. All of our caps are stainless steel and meet all state specifications and codes. Chimney caps are not only a preventative to nuisance wildlife but also prevent costly water damage to mortar and dampers below. 

Note: One common misconception about chimneys is that bats will live in them. Although bats can enter the chimney void through missing mortar, they normally will not live in a sound chimney with a flu liner. Bats need to catch air before flight which makes a chimney flu less than ideal for roosting. Bats can however roost in larger chimney tops without a flu liner as it provides an ideal surface and sufficient space for flight. For more information regarding bats and chimneys use our contact information to speak with one of our knowledgeable technicians. 

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