Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do with the animals after they are caught?

Being that our services span over three states we must abide by all laws set forth in each individual state. All of our services when dealing with nuisance animals are done in a humane manner. In some of our service areas it is a common practice to release animals trapped on site after the proper repairs have been made.

Squirrels are getting into my roofline, can I go up and seal areas when I think they're out?

No. Covering or repairing entry ways that squirrels have made will only cause them to create new openings to enter your home. It is also very difficult to be sure that all the squirrels have left the attic just because it is daytime. Our squirrel removal services are done in a humane and effective manner and ensure a complete solution for the established wildlife. See our squirrel removal page for more information. 

Skunks have burrowed underneath my house/shed/deck, can I just block them out?

No. Skunks are a nocturnal animal so when you seal up that hole there is a good chance they are probably underneath still. Skunks are also expert trenchers and will most likely dig around any objects you use to try to keep them from entry. But, most importantly, if you happen to seal them in, your problem can only get worse. When a skunk dies the muscles that keep their odor at bay releases, allowing it to seep out producing a constant and stomach turning skunk odor. Trust us - this is neither the best option for you or for us. Learn more about our skunk removal services in MA, NH, Cape Cod and RI. 

"It is significantly easier for a live skunk to walk into a trap than it is for a wildlife professional to crawl into a den for dead skunk removal." Ed Gannon 

If I have raccoons in my chimney can I light a fire to chase them out?

No! Never light a fire to chase out raccoons! Raccoons will enter chimneys and attics for shelter and mainly during birthing season. From April through May we receive numerous phone calls about noises in chimneys and attics which lead us to discover a mother raccoon and her pups. Trying to flush a mother raccoon and her pups out using fire or smoke can be very dangerous and is also extremely inhumane. For information on raccoon removal in MA, Cape Cod, and RI click here. 

I see squirrels all over my yard! Will you trap them?

No. It is not our job to set up shop every time someone sees a nuisance animal. Nuisance wildlife will always be a part of our environment & wildlife management and control should only be used when animals are causing an unsafe or unhealthy environment for people. We provide complete inspectional services to ensure that squirrels have not gotten into your attic or home. 

I smelled/saw a skunk last night outside my home. Will you come trap it?

No, we do not set up shop for nuisance wildlife roaming through an area. We only respond when it is to protect you and/or your home from harmful and unhealthy situations with nuisance wildlife. This means of management control is meant to help residents and animals of Massachusetts, Cape Cod and Rhode Island live together, just not in the same den! 

Pigeons are perching on our roof & we might have birds in our attic. Can these problems be resolved?

There is almost always some type of solution for birds,  including pigeons, starlings and more. There are numerous methods and also a variety of products on the market that allow us to remedy bird problems. Our technicians are fully trained in many different bird removal techniques and understand when certain applications are needed to solve a conflict between birds and humans. Please visit our bird removal services page for more information. 

I have seen a coyote or fox roaming through our neighborhood. Do you deal with and/or trap these animals?

We are licensed nuisance wildlife operators in Massachusetts and Rhode Island and handle these nuisance animals in each state as permitted by state law. Trapping of these animals is allowed in certain states but proper wildlife management and education taught to homeowners should always be the first means of a resolution. If fox or coyote are acting abnormal, proper steps should be taken to ensure the safety of you and others. For more information please contact us. 

Do mothballs or electronic devices work?

Mothballs: We know what you're thinking; of course they are going to say no and you would be correct. We are going to say NO because it is true!  Mothballs spread throughout an attic or fireplace will create toxic fumes that can become harmful to humans, and will never eradicate any type of squirrel or other wildlife from your attic. 

Electronic devices: All we can really say about these are that we have never seen them work and in fact know many who have wasted their time and money on these types of devices. 

What are the costs involved with a wildlife project?

There are many variables when it comes to animal removal services. The size and condition of a home will factor into our pricing as well as the nusiance animals involved. Further inspectional services will allow us to quote your particular animal removal project. This industry and dealing with wildlife is and always has been unique, which in turn makes standard pricing difficult. Many of our customers have mentioned our competitive pricing. 

Do you handle domestic animals such as dogs and cats?

 No. We are Massachusetts, Cape Cod and Rhode Island Problem Animal Control officers that deal directly with nuisance wildlife and its management or control. Domesticated animals are handled by your local animal control officers. 

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