About Us

About Us

Upon entering the wildlife industry owner Ed Gannon immediately identified this simple fact, which is that most homeowners are not as educated about wildlife professionals as they are when it comes to the more common contractors such as: roofers, electricians, plumbers, etc. When homeowners need contractors as mentioned above they normally have time to budget for their project, inquire about the company, and then make an informed decision on who they will reward that project. Wildlife problems normally arrive without notice, with no time to plan, no time to budget and  no time to get educated about your wildlife professional. Understanding this fact of our industry helps us to understand homeowners and their concerns about hiring the right company. 

Along with hiring the right wildlife professional it is important to hire the correct service for your particular project. We understand that the last thing consumers want are reoccurring services and continuous service charges, especially if a little more time and effort the first time could provide a solution. Our services are based on finding problems where they originate and providing solutions to remedy its reoccurrence whenever possible. 

Solutions not control 

Understanding that wildlife normally is unexpected, not planned for and not budgeted for makes it important that, when dealt with, it does not happen again. We provide you with solutions, a written warranty and possible extended service plans to ensure the safety of you, your family and your home. 

Small Company Service 

Being a small company is valuable in so many ways. We know our customers by their names, their project, and even perhaps a little something about them that reminds us of their job performed years ago. We take great pride in being able to provide personable service at a reasonable rate. 

We are local 

We are licensed in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island and we live there too. We have technicians that live in and understand the types of wildlife in your area. If you call from Duxbury, MA we know there are a lot of bats in that town, or if you're calling from Windham, NH we know there are flying squirrels known to populate that area and if you should call us from Cranston, RI we know there have been a lot of gray squirrel calls coming in from there. Being from and servicing these areas for years helps us start to identify a problem before we even get to your location. 

We are educated

All of our technicians attend continuing education classes on wildlife and the technology that helps us to manage or resolve problems with it. We also know and understand the life cycles of all the wildlife that we deal with. Knowing when they bare their young, speecific animals mating seasons and reasons why they invade help to provide humane and prompt services. 

Licensed and Insured

Precision Wildlife Service technicians are licensed in the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island to provide humane wildlife removal services. We are also licensed home improvement contractors making service for minor animal related repairs a headache no more. Precision Wildlife does carry general liability insurance as well as workers compensation insurance. For more information you can visit our credentials page or contact our customer service team. 

Written Warranties 

All of our exclusion work will have a written warranty to cover you against further infestations. If the wildlife re-infests your home within our stated warranty period we will return to make the necessary repairs at no cost. We also offer extended service plans for when your warranty does run out, a simple inspection of the home and property can be done to ensure no new problems have gone unnoticed. 

Prompt and Courteous 

All of our vehicles are equipped with gps navigation systems helping us to keep you notified of arrival time. We have technicians in many different locations on a daily basis and can normally provide same day service. We also know what it's like to work for a living and do our best to make ourselves available for weekend appointments when necessary. 


We let our reputation speak for itself.  We have many customer references available in all 3 states as well as customer feedback posted for you to view. You can also find reviews and ratings on the BBB website and HomeAdvisor.

Best Equipment and Materials 

Having the right equipment makes all the difference when it comes to providing prompt and professional services and repairs. We also use the best materials available when it comes to those repairs, ensuring a long-lasting solution. 

We are Precision Wildlife and we are here to help!

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